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FAA Registry Info
Serial Number:  75-8144
Year:  1948
Registrant:  Individual
Street:  11666 COUNTY ROAD 120
State:  MO
Postal:  648365191
County:  97
Country:  US
Last Activity:  8/29/2012
Certificate Issue:  10/20/1982
Certification:  Restricted / Agricultural and Pest Control
Aircraft Type:  4
Engine Type:  2
Status Code:  N-Number Assigned and Registered
Fract Owner:  No
FAA Aircraft Info
Manufacturer:  BOEING
Model:  E75N1
Category:  Land
Engines:  1
Seats:  2
Weight:  Class 1
Speed:  93
Registered:  124
Update Key:  AR122013
Min Year:  1941
Max Year:  1993
Aerobatic:  13
FAA Engine Info
Manufacturer:  P&W
Model:  R1340 SERIES
Engine:  2
Horse Power:  600
Update Key:  AR122013

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